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This is the story of my journey from Fat to Fit - I hope you find it useful and proof that anyone can get healthy with the right attitude and approach!


The Journey So Far

From March 1st to now, this is my journey from Fat to Fit - a loss of 60 lbs to date - how I did it and what recommendations I have to help you in your journey

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The Journey So Far



60 I type this, I cannot believe I have lost that much weight (as well as all of the other positives I have experienced around blood pressure, energy levels and alertness, not to mention confidence!).


I am definitely someone who also had a degree of excuse-itis about weight loss, did not have time, work schedule was too hectic and ever-changing etc and other things always took priority.


In addition, as a business development professional, much of my evening activity revolved around entertaining clients (i.e. bad but tasty food and a drink or three to wash it down with).


I have gone through phases in my life of being “good”, getting involved in fitness classes and even working with trainers, but none of that changed my mindset.


Phase 1


On March 20th I started Phase 1 - an extreme diet plan through Red Mountain Weight Loss, called RM3. The review of RM3 is over on the Review page

As someone who weighed 256 pounds at the time, it was definitely extreme. 


Even looking at them now brings back that amazing feeling of stepping on the scale and seeing results:


  • Week one 13 lbs

  • Week two 6 lbs

  • Week three 3 lbs 

  • Week four - 5 lbs


So 28 pounds in 4 weeks!! 


Phase 2


Month two and three followed suit with the great results, 14 pounds total weight loss in both months - 56 pounds down.

RM3 highly recommends a transition month, where you start to re-introduce some components.


That felt like nirvana to me - I could eat (healthy) nuts again! I was targeting between 1,000 and 1,400 calories a day, and actually stopped taking the appetite suppressants entirely in week 3.


The transition month comes with no real expectation of weight loss but I managed to drop another 4 pounds for a total of 60 lbs down.


Phase 3


At this point I started to work out. I have been working out with Kevin Johnson for a few years but I was never consistently.


Being grounded through Covid gave me that consistency. 


From a motivational perspective, Kevin brings the human side (as well as ensuring I am doing everything with the right form).


I often joke with Kevin that if it does not hurt, I am not doing it right - it is all too often true.

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