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Conquering Camelback

Despite a great dinner and several drinks last night (or maybe because of them!) I could not sleep, so at 4am I decided I would attempt to climb Camelback Mountain.

I arrived at the trail head at 4.30, and check my pack for essentials:


Headphones (x2)

Gloves (ordered some real climbing ones for next time!)





Isagenix Peanut Butter Bites

Not pictured (pack - with 2 liters of gatorade/water mix)

Now I knew that this was a hard hike (thank you ) but I did not appreciate how much of it was actually a climb. It really is hard work, but incredibly enjoyable, the view was breathtaking (as was the "hike").

Although I was 3rd car in the parking lot, I was about 80th person to the top.

I would guess I stopped 40 to 60 times (that is not a joke). It is really strenuous, heart rate was an average of 150 bpm up and 160 bpm down.

The ascent makes you fear a heart attack and the descent makes you fear a broken neck!!

You definitely need the right shoes, gloves, headlamp and water before you try this.

Also, this is a very busy route so be aware of people around you.

I had a bit of an incident at the end when one of my headphones fell out and in slow motion I watched it bounce down the rocks and under the safety fence. Fortunately thanks to Bose's Find My Earbuds function, I was able to find it!!

2,400 calories burned but the satisfaction in seeing the sunrise was the real reward

The up and down

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