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Food Advice on RM3

The only way this really worked without being a complete drag was that my wife is an exceptional cook and she and I devised recipes that tasted great in order to keep the food interesting - I have tried more restrictive diets in the past, and have given up due to pure boredom of the same tastes day-in and day out.

Some tips to ensure your experience is a good one:

Create seasonings, rubs and healthy marinades

Try new things like Shiritaki noodles (which were a calorie free secret weapon!)

Make your favorite meals healthy (shiritaki noodles, a pho broth, skirt steak and sriracha made a tasty substitute for my beloved Pho).

Improvise with low and sugar free alternatives - a 5 calorie sugar free jello became an almost daily treat to give a different texture and flavor. I was pleasantly surprised with how good Walden's Farm options were

Cook in advance - I would grill make turkey and pork tenderloins on the weekend so there was always food in the fridge

Prep as many vegetables as your fridge can hold! Cabbages, heads of cauliflower and broccoli provide plenty of (tasty) filler

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