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Accountability - the only way to defeat #excuse-itis

The easiest thing to make is excuses. I am too tired, too busy, Liverpool are playing on the TV (FYI - only one of those is legally permitted as an excuse).

In my 150 days on this journey, I have learnt that one of the keys is accountability.

No amount of love, encouragement, insults or threats are going to get me to work out consistently. I have to hold myself to my standards (that are amazingly improving). Some tips:

  1. Find your reason - mine is 3.5 and weighs around 40lb - I want to be around for her for as long as possible

  2. Track what you do - you can read my Lose It review for more specifics, but logging calories and exercise is both educational and keeps you accountable

  3. Find a Peer group - having a group dynamic can really help - something you want to contribute to - I love @feedthewolf_ - it is a global group where you can post how your respective wolf was fed

  4. Supportive Friends - this can be a massive influence - I was inspired to do this by seeing other people get healthy and encouraged to do it more by many texts, emails and messages. I am going to shout out my friend Harry McNulty - if there is a more positive, influential guy, I am yet to meet him. Follow him at @saltynuts_

  5. Blog it, Gram It, Tweet it - this whole FattoFitat45 is about accountability but it does not have to be such a big endeavor - do whatever works for you

Would be great to hear how other people hold themselves accountable


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